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Music Is The Reason.

With many of his remixes and music videos in heavy rotation, Clint Crisher and his catalog of over 100 songs, provides popular material for the likes of XM Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Networks and nightclubs across the country.

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” ♫ – Clint

Dance-Pop was born from disco. ♫ Over a pounding, dance-club beat, there are simple, catchy melodies – dance-pop has more fully-formed songs than pure dance music. ♫


The Hot Boys World, Vol. 4 release Oct 7, 2014

The Hot Boys World, Vol. 4 with remixes by Dj Peter Tanico reunites Clint Crisher and Hot2Go and the third and final artist Darrell Russ.

Giraffe Adoption is a fun learning experience

Giraffe Adoption has been a fun learning experience in a very personal way. Hunted for their meat, coat and tails, adopt a giraffe to and make a difference.

Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) Currently 23rd in House

Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) by Clint Crisher Currently 23rd in House Current Standings for Top 100 on OurStage and partners MTV, AEG Live and the Virgin Festival.