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Clint Crisher – Foreplay Lyrics

So, start the touchin’ baby Cause I know were ready You know it drives me crazy The time is now You want me to growl Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay Lyrics
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Heading back to recording studio.

I'm on the lookout for the maddest, sickest, most badass people to collaborate with. I'm heading back to recording studio. - Clint Crisher
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The Hot Boys World, Vol. 4 release Oct 7, 2014

The Hot Boys World, Vol. 4 with remixes by Dj Peter Tanico reunites Clint Crisher and Hot2Go and the third and final artist Darrell Russ.
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Giraffe Adoption is a fun learning experience

Giraffe Adoption has been a fun learning experience in a very personal way. Hunted for their meat, coat and tails, adopt a giraffe to and make a difference.
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Clint Crisher – Destiny Lyrics

I believe my destiny depends on my energy some go to New York to search for that battery of power I got lucky in you a friend Destiny | Clint Crisher Lyrics
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Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) Currently 23rd in House

Sticky (Dj MyT Remix) by Clint Crisher Currently 23rd in House Current Standings for Top 100 on OurStage and partners MTV, AEG Live and the Virgin Festival.
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A Song From Me To You – Happy Valentine’s Day FREE DOWNLOAD

Valentine's Day is often celebrated with expressions of love, and gifts of chocolates, flowers, and cards known as "valentines" or free music downloads.
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Clint Crisher – Clint’s Read lyrics

Say What You Think Say What You Feel Holding It In You're Not For Real Say What You Think Say What You Feel Holding - Clint Crisher - Clint's Read lyrics
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Clint Crisher – I Believe It Lyrics

Everything Is For This Everything Is Falling Into Place What I'Ve Done, I'Ve Won There Is A Reason For This Effort I'M Not Like You This Will Change My Life
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Clint Crisher – Survival Lyrics

My Memory Is Fading I Can't Respond To My Heavy Soul Be Real Survival Get Back Get Back Get Back Get Back Realism It Will Take You To A Trance
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