A message to all friends and fans of Clint Crisher.
We want to thank everyone who has already voted for Clint
in the contest hosted by AfterElton that highlights the
top 100 Hottest Out Gay/Bi Men. It’s way cool since AfterElton
has a large audience of readers. What a great thing getting his name
in front of them!
As you may know the only people who are allowed to nominate candidates
are gay or bisexual men so if you are a gay/bi male and want to
help out and nominate Clint just visit the webpage and go for it! You also can comment on the nominations–if you do
that please feel free to drop in a picture of Clint. Also feel free to pass this
message along to anyone who might be able to nominate Clint
this would be AMAZING exposure! The list highlights the top 100 Hottest
Out Gay/Bi Men in Hollywood.
Thank you!!!
Crisher Entertainment