Hey Guys! I’m giving you the 411 on Midem 2008
Artists Managers Dominate MIDEM Debates
Artists and managers took center stage yesterday as MIDEM pushed on into its second day. Peter Gabriel and U2 manager Paul McGuinness were the big drawcards assembling full-houses for their respective stints on the trade fair’s podium.
Qtrax’s ‘Major’ Misstep
QtraxΓÇöthe free ad-supported legal P2P service that launched at MIDEM yesterdayΓÇöapparently isn’t as ready for prime time as it claims. The company claimed it had licensing agreements with all four major record labels when in fact it has none.
WGA Grants Interim Deal to Grammys
The deal means that material for the show will be written under a Writer’s Guild contract in effect giving the union’s blessing to the awards show despite the ongoing three-month-old writer’s strike.
No Summer Flight For Zeppelin
Don’t expect to see Led Zeppelin on the road near you this summer. The current incarnation of the veteran rock act has no plans to play live — until at least after September says guitarist Jimmy Page.
Sides Chosen In Royalty Tussle
Music publishers the record labels and digital music distribution outlets began a three-way legal wrestling match over just how much songwriters and the publishing houses should get paid for digitally delivered music.
Sweden To Charge Pirate Bay In Copyright Case
Sweden plans this week to charge the people running Pirate Bay one of the world’s most visited Web sites with being accessories in breaking copyright law. Pirate Bay helps Web surfers share copyrighted music and film files which is illegal in many countri
EMI Christian Music PassAlong Team For Service
EMI Christian Music Group has teamed with PassAlong Networks on the launch of a new digital music service focused on Christian music.
Iglesias Jeremias Set For ‘Pepsi Musica’ Re-Launch
Pepsi Musica will re-launch Feb. 1 as a weekly live variety show on bilingual entertainment channel mun2.
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