Been There, Done That WMC Compilation CDBeen There Done That and I’m doing it again. I’ve still got and use the t-shirts and the bags too from 2001 & 2003!

My first WMC in 2001 included my single Been There Done That as the 17 track on the WMC 2001 Compilation CD produced by Willie Ray Lewis. Harry got back to New York and I went home to Washington DC but three long months later he called and wanted to sign me and release the fourth song on the STAR EP called It Can Happen To You and that is how I got my music on dance floors around the world!

So I some how got my close friend and producer/dj Willie Ray Lewis to move to Miami Beach with me in August of 2001 and a few months later we were performing at CROBAR and it was incredible! Willie is still in South Beach and I’m now in Los Angeles.

Winter Music Conference at in its 23rd year is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry attracting professionals from over 62 different countries.

Currently the music industry is engaged in a profound structural metamorphosis. CDR’s MP3’s download streams and other new technologies are forever changing the ways in which people create buy sell and listen to music.

One of the most exciting aspects of Winter Music Conference is the convergence of industry executives press and A&R reps as well as artists and DJs of all levels bumping heads on the dance floors and rubbing elbows at the bar while enjoying their favorite talents.

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Hope to see you in Miami Beach!

Clint Crisher

Jan 24 2001

PS. Here is a picture from January 24 2001 the day after my B-DAY. Willie and I recorded It Can Happen To You that day. 7 years ago!! I love the number 7 Have you noticed I have a 7 point STAR painted on my body? lol