Dear Interested Musicians:
Thank you for your interest in joining a band that is about to become the hottest funk band in the nation! Clint Crisher would like to extend his gratitude and invite you to take the next step in reaching your ambitions by joining your talents with an acc
Clint and his team are excited to take this next step and we hope after listening to the music you will be able to match our energy and devotion to this venture!
First auditions will be held during 2 weeks starting on Monday December 10 and ending on Monday December 24 A representative of Clint Crisher’s will contact you in the next few days to determine your availability for those dates and a corresponding time s
It is imperative for each respective musician to arrive at their audition not only on time and with the appropriate gear needed for their performance but with a strong command of your respective musical arrangements. For those of you that may want to be c
Clint and his team would like to reiterate that these auditions will be one of the major determining factors in selecting a group of individuals that will ultimately achieve success and be part of a truly amazing band!
PS. If you already have a band and a space and are quick learners you are a total plus!
Good luck!

Thank You for Your Support
Marcus R. Andrews
Crisher Entertainment
Please email mailto:[email protected] for more information
You can also call 323-873-7970 or 949-215-0407