Some people know Clint Crisher as a pop singer, but with his alternative rock band Painted Sun and him being on the ballot for public office he is so much more than just a pop singer.

Others know him as a MySpace, TV personality with an impressive resume that even includes radio and TV voice overs. Clint is a published author of over 250 songs, a runway model and a motivational speaker for health, adoption and Always doing your Best issues.Clint, in his own words, is simply “a go-getter.” “I like to work,” he explains. “I don’t like to stop moving — like a shark! But at the same time, I never do something unless my heart’s in it. I can’t be fake. I really go by instinct, and it seems like everything I do has to have some kind of message and hope behind it.”

People have actually been enjoying Clint in a variety of arenas for nearly two decades now. Music, of course, was a given considering his surroundings while growing up. “When I was six, I started performing for the peers in school,” he recalls. “Having little concerts and talent shows that might charge five cents.

Everyone would come into the school cafeteria watch me perform. It was a natural fun exciting thing for me to do.” Showing off the combined genes of a Vegas show girl dancer and a CEO of a major corporation, Clint Crisher and not just his voice has graced albums for years. In late 2007, shortly after finding his biological mother, he released “Terrific Distraction” a combination of originals and two covers by the Talking Heads and Golden Earring.

His TV career has also included a correspondent gig on many channels including Entertainment Tonight and a few stints on several reality shows. Suffering from a lifelong battle with his family that raised him, Clint chose not to hide it like some celebrities might but instead turned his struggle into a vehicle to inspire others. His life changed forever on July 30, 2005 and has since attracted worldwide media attention because of a film and soundtrack he has written called CONCEIVED IN PRISON. Since then Clint has spoken extensively about adoption and regularly contributes his message through his website with his dream Non-Profit called Raffy’s House.

Moving forward, Clint has more endeavors planned. There are several TV ideas in the works, as well as a desire to record a Christmas album and to one day open his own restaurant/bar/club worldwide chain. Whatever he accomplishes — and, knowing Clint, it’s a safe bet that it will be most of that list — it will only add to a career of achievements that will go far beyond his list of songs and movies written.

“I don’t get bored,” he says. “I’m always thinking of stuff to do, and I’m having a lot of fun. It’s cool to look back and see everything I’ve done. That’s why I get into all these different things. It’s very fulfilling.”