Clint Crisher took time out from traveling all over the world to tell the Blade about his career and why he chose to reside in Orange County.

Music is everywhere: in the car, the clubs and even at work. The one thing that makes us notice a particular song or artist is if the song touches us, and for some, all it takes is a great beat. Clint Crisher is no exception. Crisher took time out from traveling all over the world to tell the Blade about his career and why he chose to reside in Orange County.

Blade: I understand that you have had great success in Great Britain.

Crisher: Oh, yes. Run Baby Run topped the U.K. charts on Sept. 23, 2007, and is still in the top five today. I am kicking off my Terrific Distraction World Tour at the Midem 2008/World Music Trade show in Cannes France in January 2008.

How do you react when people try to label you as a gay artist?

I laugh first. Then I say, “Of course, I’m gay, but really, it’s all about the music, not who I am sleeping with.” Usually when someone asks if I’m gay, I ask them, “Why? Are you?”

You are getting recognition in Orange County as an in-demand artist at clubs. How does that make you feel?

I am excited that Orange County is enjoying my music. I recently performed and shot my music video at club Friction at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa for my new remixed single “Spotlight,” which was also featured at a fashion show at MPowerOC called Project Rungay. The only problem is that performing is difficult due to lack of venues that hire live performers. When I was living in South Beach from 2001-2002, I had my own show with fabulous dance sets and about 6,000 locals each Sunday at Crobar. Unfortunately, when Sept. 11 happened, most of the clubs and hotels closed. Since no one was flying, I had to shut down. That was the first place I had my own name as the headliner on the marquee. I’m looking forward to being back there for the Winter Music Conference in March.

That had to be rough, but I understand you have managed to rise from that setback.

Yes, I have. One of the branches that Crisher Entertainment has is publishing. When I sell one of my songs to an artist or a record label, I want to be in full control. Everything from my label goes through Clint Crisher Music publishing and I have come to realize that publishing is where the money is. You could say that “I” am gay owned.

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