Clint Crisher talks with about Juicy Galaxy and the backstory for writing the song. Clint shares several projects in the works as well.

1. I am pretty sure what you mean by “Come on Board to Juicy Galaxy”.what was your back story for writing this song?

Funny. Well I would love to get your take on what I meant. One of the greatest rewards in my life of writing and performing music has always been my family, fans and friends reaction and take on my songs. Good and Bad. But to answer your question, Juicy Galaxy is my fantasy land or dream state:think peter pan. Sort of an escape from reality. A place I like to visit often. LOL Like my last release Sticky. Juicy Galaxy is meant to fit a trip on a magic carpet ride of sorts. All the other songs that will be included on this album fit that mold. Nothing to serious just fun music with clever lyrics and hopefully lots of laughs.

2. The special effects in the video are excellent, did you create them yourself?

Great stuff for sure but I can’t take the credit for the effect just the song. Actually, I’m a huge fan of the Vimeo forums section wanted and Offered. I have edited and directed many videos in the past and love doing it but still have so much to learn. The vimeo forums is a place to talk, share, and learn new tricks as well as find up and coming video gods who are glad to have a project to practice on. So this video was done by a group of television production students in norway who reached out to me from an ad I posted looking for a video for a song called juicy galaxy.

3. Do you play the music as well?

I usually do prior to actually going in the studio to record. Usually only in the writing process but actually on this track I did most of the placement and structure as well as first run producing on the last minute of the song. For this album i’ve been lucky and blessed to be working with Jeremy Howard aka DJ MyT who is one of the instructers at The Los Angeles Recording School. He’s an offspring from a deep well of DJs. Influenced by his passion and respect for music his sound is truly his own unique creation. I learn so much from him and the dude is has a depth of knowledge having studied piano, keyboard, clarinet, saxophone and various percussion since the age of six.


4. You seem to always have a lot of projects on the go, what are you working next?

RightOutTV.comYep. Always got several projects in the works. I run Crisher Entertainment, working with (mostly) artist and businesses on development, public relations, business, communications, and advisory services. We do a lot with web design, advertising, casting, promotion, event planning, music and video production. Not to mention finishing my album for summer release.

My big current project is starring in the film Conceived In Prison which is based on my life story about a musician finds out he was adopted and sets out to meet his mother and find out the truth about his origins. Facing the divide resulted from so many years of separation, mother and son reveal to each other the amazing stories of their youth in an attempt to reconcile their past and present and forge a path into the future. I play both myself and my biological father during flash backs to the mid 1970’s. My Precious Jewel video is featured on Right Out TV and is one of the 12 songs I wrote and recorded for the movie soundtrack.

5. As the Anti-bullying Day of Pink is coming up, what message would you like to send to kids who may be experiencing any kind of bullying?

I wrote a song in 1999 which is on my first album Perfect World called Clint’s Read. One of the refrains in the song was “Love who you are, every detail every flaw, We are all same this is a family not a game.” I still feel the same way today. Love who you are! Every detail, every flaw.