My film CONCEIVED IN PRISON will be submitted for the Festival de Cannes in 2009 if all my ducks are in a row. I thought I would include some details for all you guys with the same dream to make a movie this year so you have the heads up. Here is some IMPORTANT CONDITIONS when submitting for the Festival de Cannes 2008!
Only the films that meet the following conditions may be chosen for invitation to the Official Selection:
ΓÇó Films that have been produced during the twelve months preceding the Festival
ΓÇó Films whose distribution is limited to its country of origin
ΓÇó Films that have not been presented in any international motion picture event
ΓÇó Films that have not been shown on the Internet
In order to be selected as a feature film your film must be more than 60 minutes long. The Festival de Cannes does not accept films that have a duration between 15 and 60 minutes.
DEADLINE FOR 2008 is March 17th 2008
It is imperative to fill in the online entry form by this date. A print a videocassette or a DVD of the films must reach the Festival Selection Committee by March 21th 2008
Whatever equipment is used for shooting the film (mini DV super 8 35mm…) only the following will be accepted for the preselection:
ΓÇó for feature films:
– 35mm film print
– Beta SP (Pal NTSC) or Digital Beta (Pal NTSC)
– VHS (Pal Secam NTSC)
**It is possible to present a working copy of the film. When filling out the entry form please state if it is the final version or a working version.
ΓÇó 35mm film print: It is recommended that all feature 35mm prints be sent through the Festival’s shipping agent FILMINGER. Please mention the Festival de Cannes.
15 Bd. de la muette – Z.I. de la muette
Tel. : 33 (0)1 34 7 10 2
Fax : 33 (0)1 39 93 72 71
Contact : Marie Lagrand
mailto:[email protected]
The print is admitted into France under the customs control of temporary admittance. All transportation costs as well as the shipping agent’s fee and insurance are entirely borne by the producer or the sender. It is recommended to contact the shipping age
ΓÇó Video cassettes/DVDs: Video cassettes and DVD must be sent by registered mail directly to the Films Department at the Festival office (please find address at the end of the entry form) with For cultural use only and Without commercial value marked on
Should the sender choose to send a video cassette through an express courier service the cost of custom duties and taxes in France must be included in the transportation cost paid by the sender if that is not the case the Festival de Cannes will refuse th
ΓÇó There is no fee for short films.
ΓÇó Feature film on VHS or DVD: 25 Euros all taxes included.
ΓÇó Feature film on Beta (SP or Digital): 130 Euros all taxes included.
ΓÇó Feature film on 35mm film print: 300 Euros all taxes included.
Application and screening fee must be paid at the time of registration online (using the form below).
Application and screening costs are borne by the producer or the sender.
You will be contacted before the official press conference which will take place towards mid-April. If your film is selected you must supply with a 35mm print or a Hi-Def digital version. The Film Department will give you all the necessary information on
Département Films
(Feature and short films in Competition / Out
of Competition / Un Certain Regard)
3 rue Am├⌐lie – 75007 Paris – France
Tel. : 33 0 1 53 59 61 71
Fax. : 33 0 1 53 59 61 70
Email : mailto:[email protected]
ENTRY FORM for 2008 and 2009 Festival de Cannes can be printed out from
Good Luck and I truly hope to see any and all your films at Cannes this year and next year. Filming for CONCEIVED IN PRISON is set for June 2008! I have already booked my calender for the Festival de Cannes 2008 which dates are May 14-25th!
See you there!