Good news! Foreplay has now advanced to the Fame Games Q-Show
204 scheduled for Monday on 11/14/2008. Congratulations! Making it to the
on-air showcases is a big deal because suddenly you and your song is being
heard by a truly massive international audience!
To see the current Q-Show Area go here:

FG Old Shows

Once a song makes it to the Q-Show it can never go back to any of the
previous Elimination Areas. Note: a Q-Show song can no longer be removed
from the show should you ever wish to do so. However if you at any time
decide to withdraw your song from the showcase we will only be able to
disable access to the full version of the song but the record of the song’s
appearance on the show will remain on site. If you have a completely new
version of this song you will only be able to upload it as if it was a
completely new song.
Q-show songs have just over one week to move up to the next level.
If your song’s review average places it among the top 12 contenders it will
advance to the SemiFinal Show on next Thursday. Song evaluations will be
carried out each Thursday morning.
Please rally your fans and supporters to vote for your track! The
advancement of a song through the Fame Games ranks depends on the degree of
unanimity between reviewers and the amount of popular support.
Make sure you LISTEN to the show!
We wish you all the best & best of luck with your song!
Warm regards
The MMI / Fame Games Crew