Your song It Can Happen To You has now moved up to the Fame Games
Green Room Area. Very well done!
To see the current Green Room Area go here:

FG Old Shows

Your song will advance to the next level the on-air Quarterfinal or
Qualifier showcase once its review average places it among the top 36
contenders for the given week. It will then be assigned to either the
Monday Tuesday or the Wednesday Q-Show. Song evaluations will be carried
out each Friday evening.
If a song”gets stuck” in the Green Room area you can either wait until it
gets more reviews and votes (recommended) or you can withdraw it. You can
also replace the current version of the song with a new one. The least
amount of time a song can spen in the Green Room Area is one week but there
is no top limit.
Please rally your fans and supporters to vote for your track! The
advancement of a song through the Fame Games ranks depends on the degree of
unanimity between reviewers and the amount of popular support.
We wish you all the best & best of luck with your song!
Warm regards
The MMI / Fame Games Crew