Now that the Effigy Awards Season is behind us and you’ve acquitted yourself so well in this year’s contest you’re probably wondering now what? Just satisfaction and bragging rights?
Well…we’re very pleased to tell you that your participation in this year’s Effigy Awards has earned you recognition from a number of highly respected international music professionals and experts. And… just when you thought you didn’t win anything – y
* One of our invited experts Suzanne Hilleary liked what she heard and has agreed to consider your selected music for licensing! (details to be looked at separately)
If this is of interest to you let us know and we’ll propose your song (most likely Lick It Love It Pull It Suck It) to WacBiz for consideration. We already have an in-principle yes simply based on your Effigy performance!
What this basically is is a deal which gives Suzanne’s company WACBIZ a non-exclusive right to find licensors for your song and usually for your complete product (i.e. including your production and performance of that song!)
So far so good?
And what kind of a deal can you reasonably expect in case she’s successful in placing you/your song with a suitable licensor? We can’t be entirely sure but you’ll most probably make something in the area between 0.2 and 0.3 on any deal that comes through
In any licensing scenario there’s a wide range of parties involved and each claims 5 10 or even 0.2 for their work (which is critical to your success) so this percentage range is a really respectable one.
It will be for you to decide whether you’d like to take WACBIZ up on their offer and negotiate with them should you find this offer acceptable.
Just to put it in perspective for you Itaal Shur who wrote Smooth got the same deal – and also through Suzanne and WACBIZ (as did dozens of other artists of worldwide fame!). His song Smooth became a hit for Carlos Santana and Itaal now has more than enou
If you’re interested in signing a deal with WACBIZ please reply to us most urgently and we will put you in touch with them and they’ll send you a contract for your perusal so that you can consult with your lawyer before signing it!
Congratulations on generating so much interest thus far!
Not bad eh? 🙂
Lotsa love from the Fame Games Crew
Paul Laura & The Gang