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CLINT currently records movie soundtrack

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Film currently in production by Crisher Entertainment: On May 30 2005 Clint Crisher discovered he was adopted when his biological sister called and told him th

My daily hits have quadrupled in the last week!

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Hey fans friends and fellow artists! It is with excitement and confusion that I place this blog. My daily hits have quadrupled in the last week! How is it possi

Destiny is now in Fame Games BackStage Area

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Destiny has now advanced to the Fame Games BackStage Area. Well done! To see the current BackStage Area go here:

Finalist in 6 categories during the Fame Games Effigy Awards 2008

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Clint Crisher is a finalist for Fame Games Effigy Awards for Best Overall Artist, Best Solo, Most Popular Solo, Best Male Vocal & Most Popular Artist.

Clint Crisher talks to The OC/LB Blade Magazine

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Clint Crisher took time out from traveling all over the world to tell the Blade about his career and why he chose to reside in Orange County.

CLINT CRISHER to Perform and Celebrate his B-Day

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REPUBLIC for SOCIETY 650 N. La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles California 90069 US Cost: n/a Description: CLINT CRISHER will perform SPOTLIGHT and him and MARCUS


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Friends- I've been ready this book for about the last 10 years and still give it to friends as gifts all the time. It is usually sitting very close by in case

Clint Crisher with and Gang for B-Day at Society

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CLINT CRISHER and MARCUS R. ANDREWS will be at SOCIETY IN LA on JANUARY 20th and are celebrating their B-DAY's together before Cannes France for MIDEM 2008 whic

Birthday Party for Sean Patrick Lewis at ELEVEN

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Clint Crisher was at ELEVEN in West Hollywood for the Birthday Party of friend Sean Parick Lewis and it was quite the celebration on Friday night. Sean Lewis is

Penny and Ashtray are Finalist

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Penny and Ashtray are Finalist for RUN BABY RUN REMIX CONTEST! been selected by Clint as finalist for the RUN BABY R