How many categories are there? Over 50 categories ranging from Best Songwriting Best Solo Most Popular Band all the way to Best Artist in Style Best Song in Style and Most Popular Reviewer!!
Who can vote?
Anyone and Everyone!
What songs are up for awards?
Best Artist Categories: Any artist who participated in Fame Games in 2008/2009 within Qualifier Semifinal or Final showcases can be nominated!
Best Song Categories: Any song in 2008/2009 that made a Qualifier Semifinal or Final showcase can be nominated!
All other categories: All currently registered artists and songs are eligible!
**NOTE: Previous years’ winning SONGS are not eligible but all songs which were nominated but didn’t win are. Last year’s winning artists are eligible this year as well.
How long is voting open?
The voting starts NOW and public voting is open until January 11th.
How are winners chosen?
After public voting has closed our expert reviewers (numerous invited music industry professionals) will select the winners from the nomination short list you help create.
When are the winners announced?
Mark your calendars for January 23rd!
What do winners receive?
Bragging rights along with… a bigger audience and industry exposure than ever before as well as a few sponsored prizes for the top category winners (details to be announced)
Where can I send fans to vote?
This link will walk you through voting! (Please note that because of heavy traffic to this link it may take a few moments.) Once your vote has gone through you will see a pop-up along with an email informing you of your vote! Be a winner in THE ONLY INDIE RADIO AWARD SHOW in the world! Rally your fans’ support!
This is it! The THIRD Annual EFFIGY AWARDS season has started. Effigy Awards ™ is THE ONLY NETWORK RADIO INDIE AWARDS SHOW in the world! The amount of exposure Fame Games gives its Indie artists is already huge by any standards.