I found solace in music, Spotlight is the title of the newest single by openly gay musician Clint Crisher. Frontiers Magazine article by Ashley Love.

Frontiers by Ashley LoveFrontiers Magazine article by Ashley Love

“Spotlight” is the title of the newest single by openly gay musician Clint Crisher, and it’s what this talented guy has stepped into.

Crisher is being hailed as an up-and-comer in the world of “funk-dance rock-a-palooza.” Combining stimulating lyrics with his soulful and gritty voice, Crisher’s music has taken him around the world performing at Crobar Miami, the Billboard Music Summit, and even for the Queen of England.

With the release of Crisher’s new album, Terrific Distraction, and a tour promoting the album, it may seem like Crisher has it made. However, life has not always been so remarkable for the emerging music sensation. Crisher’s biological mother was a Las Vegas stripper married to an abusive man, who later went to prison for murder. Crisher was conceived during one of his mother’s conjugal visits to his father. After his release from prison, Crisher’s father gave the then 3-year-old to his former military buddy and his wife to adopt in Florida.

Through his dark upbringing, Clint Crisher found solace in music 03Crisher grew up unaware he was adopted and his adoptive family treated him very poorly. To escape, he turned to music, which he first fell in love with after singing “King of the Road” as a young boy. But as he got older, he found his adoptive family wasn’t supportive and ridiculed him for being flamboyant. The young musician continued to put his efforts toward music though and after high school he married a woman. Although he loved her immensely, eventually he had to face who he was and came out of the closet. He is still good friends with his ex-wife, stating, “Love knows no sexualities.” Crisher is now happily-partnered and resides in Orange County with his devoted boyfriend of two and a half years.

Being openly gay has caused few hurdles for Crisher, but he feels he has been blessed with the opportunity to inspire closeted artists to “come out” saying, “Make sure you don’t lose sight of who you are. Your audiences will come with you if you are spiritually and emotionally yourself.”

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