Spotlight – N.E.W.L.A.W. Underground Mix is track mix number 5 from Spotlight ‐ The Remixes by Clint Crisher that includes remixes by Dj Blaine and Barona, Diddy, Mike Acosta, Rafael M., Hefty Lefty, NonFiction, N.E.W.L.A.W., and Wayne Jobson.

Brothers NICK DOUGLAS and DJ LEO make up the dirty house sound of N.E.W.L.A.W. and have played on line ups with Dj’s and live acts including: Dj Dan, Donald Glaude, ETI, Doran, Kimball Collins, Jim Hopkins, Tony, Simon, Jon Bishop, Dj Voo Doo, Frankie Bones, Mars, Mystre, Sensei, Dj Speedy, Grant Plant, George Acosta, Terry Mullan, Sandra Collins, Richard ‘Humpty’ Vission, Dj Irene, Spinderella, Funk Master Flex, Jonathan Peter, Danny Tenaglia, Frank Richards, Robert Oleysick, Frenchy, Jeff Bomb, Gumbee, Tony Faline, Dave Seaman, John Michael, Dj Buddy, Twilight, Mike Fuller, Reza, Scooter & LaVelle, David Alvarado, Doc Martin, Supra, Presto One, Keith Evan, Carlos Sanchez, Dj Liquid, Michael Meyers, Michael Boyer, Soulo, Danny Howels, Freddy Montanez, Huda Hudia, Huggie, Digital Assasins, Simply Jeff, Dj Nick Douglas, Jeff Brooks – AKA Brooksie, THATDJGIRL, Jazz E, Corey, Rinse, Flux, Deacon, Dig Dug, Mark One and Adam Webb.

Spotlight was the first release from the 15 song album Terrific Distraction by Clint Crisher and became a #5 Billboard Dance Breakout hit in December 2007. With huge commercial appeal the Spotlight remixes continue to be played in nightclubs and dance mix radio shows around the world.