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Clint Crisher ‐ Let Me Watch

Let Me Watch video explores the sexual gratification one experiences from observing naked male bodies or sexual acts of other men, from a secret vantage point.

Video I Love You

I Love You by Clint Crisher from The Hot Boys World, Vol. 2. With good wishes to you and your family for health and happiness throughout the coming year.

Video I Knew U Were The 1

I Knew U Were the 1 is a duet featuring Edie Brickell, showing heavy Caribbean influences and is track two from CD Terrific Distraction by Clint Crisher.

Video Sticky Vendetta Remix By Allone

Video Sticky Vendetta Remix By Allone is on Sticky Remixes. Allone or Joan Pla is the Creative Director/ Producer for Vendetta Entertainment in Los Angeles.

Video Music Is The Reason

Music Is The Reason by Clint Crisher is from his full length album Perfect World released in 1999 and produced by Willie Ray Lewis

Video Dr. Grip

Dr. Grip written, recorded and performed by Clint Crisher is track number 14 on Terrific Distraction. Produced by Grammy Award winner Wayne Jobson.

Spotlight – N.E.W.L.A.W. Underground Mix

The Duo Brothers NICK DOUGLAS and DJ LEO make up the dirty house underground sound of Clint Crisher on the #5 track Spotlight - N.E.W.L.A.W. Underground Mix

Live at SocietyLA In Los Angeles 2008

On January 20, 2008 in haute fashion Clint performed Spotlight - N.E.W.L.A.W. Underground Mix for the dapper eclectic socialites at SocietyLA in Los Angeles.

Video Survival

Survival is track 4 on Perfect World, the first studio album from Clint Crisher. The album also includes an extended mix of Survival - Willie's Velvet Mix.

Laura Simone Shake It Down Interview Part 2

Laura Simone ‐ Shake it Down Interview Part 2. Laura said "The fire within me keeps the passion going", said Simone about her debut single "Shake It Down" .

Laura Simone Chat w/Clint Crisher Video Part 3

Laura Simone Chat with Clint Crisher PART 3 ‐ The fire within me keeps the passion going said Laura Simone about her new single Shake it Down - Part 3 of 3.

Video Juicy Galaxy

Watch the music video for Juicy Galaxy the follow-up to Sticky by Clint Crisher who plays an astronaut in three-dimensional orbital spaceflight exploration.