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EDDIE X is a GOD in the DJ WORLD at Tokyo Hollywood!

DJ EDDIE X and Clint Crisher at TOKYO HOLLYWOOD AFTERHOURS located at Tokio Ultra Lounge 1640 Cahuenga Blvd @ Hollywood Saturday Nights 2am
Eddie X has been around for 15 years and people say they are just starting to recognize him. Of course Eddie X is anything but up and coming the colloquial sense that is. He innovated underground deep House in Los Angeles in the early '90s he brough
At Tokyo DJ Eddie X who was moving my every body part with each throbbing underground deep House and tribal elements and beats. Did you know -- his entire life has been about movement. In fact he began his career in entertainment as a dancer having studie
I COULD NOT LEAVE THE DANCE FLOOR last night! Hot people and hot music! It was like being back at LIQUID in Miami when I lived there for close to a year after moving from DC right before 42258 with my Producer Willie Ray Lewis. At one time I can remember
EDDIE X is magical behind the DJ Booth. Period! I had the best time in a long time and when ever I'm in LA on a Saturday night I'll be where EDDIE X is spinning. I will be there because he loves what he does and he does it like no other! He started the ni
Much Respect
ADAM LAMBERT and CLINT CRISHER giving the camera love!! Clint first met Adam at the Kodak Theatre opening night for THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on September 27 2004 after he made him cry with his voice alone. Hanging at the after party with Val and the rest of t
Clint was there to support Val Kilmer but left completly moved and inspired by Adam and his talent performance and most of all his voice! The tale of two brothers Moses and Ramses: united by love divided by destiny they lead their two nations in an epic s
Clint after about 2 straight hours of dancing to Eddie! Looking a bit thirsty and for sure sweaty Clint smiles next to Adam Lambert (Currently in the musical WICKED) and Cheyenne. Thanks Eddie! Because of you everyo
Clint with Nicole BOOM Johnson who is up for the most Popular Female Personality for the THE WEHO AWARDS 2007
Boom (Like Explosion) and Clint playing and having some fun as the beat went on all night long. BOOM is for sure one of the most Popular Female Personality in West Hollywood. I'll see her at THE WEHO AWARDS 2007
Clint Crisher with Hector Xtravaganza reminding everyone the reason for feeling the music and the energy by pointing and directing the SPOTLIGHT on DJ EDDIE X
Clint was so damn hot in his missoni mohair sweater and knows better next time! Hot Itchy and not comfortable for a dance fest but the music and energy at Tokio Ultra Lounge made just about everyone wanna just take off all their clothes and get down heavy
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