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Penny and Ashtray are Finalist

Penny and Ashtray are Finalist for RUN BABY RUN REMIX CONTEST! been selected by Clint as finalist for the RUN BABY RUN The Remixes set for WORLDWIDE release on the label on February 12th 2008
Penny and Ashtray from Osaka blend the history of disco music and Japanese pocket-game culture in an eclectic mix of house techno experimental and 8-bit elements. The result is unique ironic light and very pumpin compositions that were instantly picked up
RUN BABY RUN is the second single to be released from the *NEW* 15 song CD Terrific Distraction by Clint Crisher. The debut single SPOTLIGHT was produced by a 3 time Grammy Winning Producer and the 9 remixes are currently chartbound on the Billboard DANCE
SPOTLIGHT The Remixes CD is being promoted by Bobby Shaw Promotions who has achieved over a 100 Number One Billboard Dance Chart Toppers in the past 7 years and includes remixes from the best in the business. You can take a listen to the mixes of SPOTLIGH
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This electro mix is by Dj Hefty Lefty!
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