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My new song ****LIFE CHANGES****

Hey Guys. I just want to THANK YOU for all the positive comments about Life Changes from the upcoming Conceived In Prison Movie Soundtrack I've been busy finishing in the studio. This album will be my most personal yet. I feel so blessed and a bit lost for words. CONCEIVED IN PRISON my autobiographic film is a True story about a musician who discovers he was adopted and sets out to meet his biological mother to learn the truth about his origin. Facing the divide from so many years of separation mother and son reve
Hollywood the commercial fire seems like such an unforgiving place to voice something so dear to my heart but I truly believe the story must be told because it has so much to tell all starting with a conjugal visit. It's been a crazy last couple years sin
I thought I would share just a few of the comments about my new song Life Changes I added a few days ago. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT.
Hey Clint! Love Life Changes so much. Good job. I'm so happy for you.
I can't wait for Conceived In Prison to hit the big screen Clint. Your new song Life Changes is your best yet. I love Precious Jewel too! Wow. The movie soundtrack is going to explode. Congrats..
Just took a break for a few and gave myself a treat a few free minutes so I could listen to Life Changes.
Wow love it!! You're amazing!
Life Changes is amazing! I'm so happy for you.

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