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In Loving Memory of Dj Producer Cary Stringfellow

In Loving Memory of Dj Producer Cary Stringfellow

Cary Stringfellow began his nightclub career in 1992 as manager of Salt Lake City's first Superclub "The Vortex" with a capacity of over 1,300. The club experienced extreme success for over 7 years. In 1999, Cary and his partners opened Club Axis. Not only did Axis win Salt Lake's Best Dance Club for 5 years, it also was the official host to world athletes during the 2002 Winter Olympics. It was at Club Axis that Cary's passion for music blossomed. He was the resident DJ for Salt Lake's premier gay night with over 1,200 boys dancing with hands-in-the air every Friday night. With personal friends and mentors such as DJ's Phil B, Neil Lewis, Twisted Dee, and Chris Cox, Cary was able to gain the technical skills and insight to mixing music flawlessly. You could always count on a musical joyride of soul, disco, driving beats, and powerful, uplifting vocals.

In 2001, Cary headlined Latin Fever, Puerto Vallarta and has returned every year since. Cary was always in demand playing San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Salt Lake City, Mexico City, Monterrey, Leon, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Fire Island, Toronto, Hawaii and San Diego. He was currently maintaining residencies throughout the US and Mexico. Cary was selected to close the Folsom Street Fair weekend at the Real Bad 2007 party in San Francisco, which was a huge honor. He continued to receive outstanding feedback not only as the "party of the weekend" but also as "a music journey like no other". He was also voted "Best up-and-coming DJ for 2008" by JustCircuit.mag. Cary was for sure one of the brightest stars in the new generation of gay DJ's that is transforming the music scene. Once people hear him, they instantly become followers. Cary dedicated himself to reaching out wherever he was invited with his infectious spirit and message of joy and celebration - all reflected in his music.

During the Summer of 2008, DJ Peter Barona & DJ Cary Stringfellow did a Progressive Dub of Run Baby Run (Barona & Stringfellow Progressive Mix) and it is sexy fierce!!! In fact, one of the best afterhours mixes I've heard in years. Cary was really excited about this mix and the sexy progressive sound him and Peter had created is true magic. I love it!

Cary premiered his mix on Saturday, May 18th at V2O during Long Beach Pride for the first time and the boys went crazy for it. I've included the video from that very special night with him DJing and me hearing and feeling the mix for the first time as I went through the crowd watching everyone feel the bright outlook on life and music, as Cary always did with such an energy I will never forget.

On Friday, Cary Stringfellow passed away and so did an amazing talent. Cary was so enthusiastic about music and we will all miss his warmth and energy.

I am sure there will be a memorial for Cary and I will make sure you all who request get an email with the details.

In Loving Memory.. I will miss you Cary. We will all miss you...

Clint Crisher

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