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Destiny by Clint Crisher (Willie Ray Lewis Remix)

Destiny by Clint Crisher (Willie Ray Lewis Remix)

Destiny by Clint Crisher (Willie Ray Lewis Remix) Destiny (Willie Ray Lewis Remix) the remix is featured on The Hot Boys World, Volume 2 CD. Written and recorded by Clint Crisher, exclusive artist to TheHotBoysTraxxx, the mp3 and album is available for MP3 download. The Hot Boys Club and its “members only” area provide all a gay man could want or need in hot music and gay porn – it’s where hot boys “log on and get off.”

These erotic music videos are accompanied by sexy songs exclusive to The Hot Boys World. TheHotBoysConnect provides resources such as a gay-owned business directory, gay-friendly travel destinations, hot spots, local events, club directories and worldwide news specific to the community, while TheHotBoysSexpert presents our dedicated Sexpert who provides sex education, current clubbing and partying trends, storytelling and sharing with an open Q&A forum. Finally, TheHotBoysToys is our one-stop shop for hot clothes, party favors, sex toys and all sorts of play things – or as we like to say, “More Boys, Hot Boys More Toys, It's time to play."

THB World and the members of this social networking space have found that there is a little bit of everything you like in TheHotBoysWorld. Create a profile, chat, share photos, videos, email, date and know you have a safe place to call home in this ever changing world we live in. It is our commitment to leave a positive and lasting impression on the gay community and as a whole we will always be dedicated to the gay community and its needs. Are you ready to open up your world?

Cast: Crisher Entertainment, Jeff Ross

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