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Clint Crisher - Doctor Grip - The Hot Boys World Volume 1 CD

Clint Crisher performs Doctor Grip in one take for a video performance rehearsal. Doctor Grip is a Funky rock track from his 15 song album called "Terrific Distraction" that was released in July 07 and has already had 4 #1's in download top 100 charts in the USA and the UK. Dr. Grip was written and recorded by Clint Crisher and produced by 3 time Grammy winning producer Wayne Jobson. The first single called Spotlight is currently on the billboard charts for it's club remixes.

International Gay Resource Website to launch summer 2008! LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 3 2008: - The Hot Boys World announced they will launch new website and suite of sites completely dedicated to the gay community and its needs. The website and its suite of sites will consist of individual websites, each dedicated to its specialty and when seen as a whole, will strive to provide the community with all a gay man could want or need in a day. Resources such as a gay owned business directory and gay friendly travel destinations, hot spots, local events and club directories, sex education with a dedicated Sexpert for and​thehotboysworld as well as access to all of Clint’s music and videos of music and porn. Of course there will be plenty of hot videos of hot boys, chat, email, dating, and more - all on an international scale. The social networking space will allow users to chat and share photos & video. will offer entertainment news, a video player with video blogs and exclusive interviews with all your favorite hot celebrities. The President, said the site "will change every gay mans life forever, and in the rapidly evolving internet age the equivalent of decades has passed since a site has done that”, he said. “Most of us in the company are gay,” he added, “ there is a different kind of commitment by the employees than other media companies. “What’s unique about our concept”, says The Hot Boys World, “is we are inviting the community to get involved and help create what they want and need by expanding the online community into the real world too. By having everyone from our developer, to Clint the man behind the music to *Princess among the Queens* our Sexpert at and even our models accessible at our events and via email, we hope to create a sense of belonging for everyone and in the end, a positive and lasting impression on the gay community. It will be ever evolving to grow with the needs of our members. It’s about being part of something, so that no matter where you are or what you’re going through, we want you to know - you’re not alone.” And for the boys that like to shop online or on TV just get ready for and The site and its suite of sites is scheduled to launch this summer just in time for The Hot Boys World Volume 3 with superstar Clint Crisher and guess who?? Your never going to believe it! Stay Tuned! The Hot Boys World is about to be ROCKED!! AUGUST 2008!!

Clint Crisher - Doctor Grip - The Hot Boys World Volume 1 CD) from Crisher Entertainment on Vimeo.

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