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Clint Crisher SoundClick Music Charts and Profile

Clint Crisher SoundClick Music and profile, stereo quality players, message boards, news, mailing lists, lyrics and song charts results.

The 'Musicians Trade Journal' recently reviewed 50 music-related sites. The result? They ranked SoundClick the "#1 free website to promote your band on the internet" ! Netscape, AOL, Lycos, Infoseek and others agree - they all currently list us as 'Editors Choice' (or equivalent). You get unlimited webspace for your band. You can have your music in mp3 format or in streaming audio only. Full-length, stereo, near-CD quality that is. Message boards, news, mailing lists, lyrics and song story pages, member pages, and contact information are all included. Sell your music as MP3 download through us or get promos such as frontpage rotation.

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