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Dj Manny Patel Live – Gossip!

Manny Patel Jnr is a London-bred and internationally-cherished personality, famous for his unique flavour of party-starting (and party-smashing) DJing. During his signature parties, he's known to drop the hottest, the quirkiest, the smartest feel-good music that always gets the crowd on their feet (and often on the tables).

His talents do not stop with music—in the past he has managed talent and promotions for Paramount Pictures, run conventions and premieres for Star Trek, put on some of London and Los Angeles' largest and also most exclusive parties, run the VIP lounge at one of the UK's biggest clubs, and created countless viral internet videos—making him the Queen of all media (step aside, Perez).

Manny is a living legend, and an outrageous hardworking character with a big heart and a big smile, that everyone knows and loves. And, yes, his middle name really is "Incredible".

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