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LA links has things to do, places to see, and events to attend. I recommend these sites ranging from mainstream to alternative for residents and tourists.

1. Discover Los Angeles

Discover Los Angeles




This Web site bills itself as "The Official Guide" to Los Angeles. It can get away with such a claim because it's operated by the Los Angeles Convention and Visitor Bureau. This well designed site has information about everything from dinning to hotels to hiking in Los Angeles. And you thought no one walked in L.A.?

2. Los Angeles Times - The Guide

Los Angeles Times - The Guide



"The Guide" section of the Los Angeles Times Web site comes in at number two in part because it's a great resource if you're looking for something fun to do. It's also highly rated because of the info gathering power of one of the country's top newspapers. If it's happening in L.A. you'll find it in "The Guide."






Laid out like a blog, has oodles of articles about what's hot and happening around town. The entries are great if you're not sure what you want to do and need some ideas. If you're looking for something in particular check out their calendar section. It's located in the top right corner of the homepage.

4. LA Weekly

LA Weekly





This site is similar to the Los Angeles Times in the sense that while you're looking for a great restaurant you're bombarded with news headlines. Still, most of LA Weekly's Web site is dedicated to music, restaurants, films, and the arts. It also has a calendar with a daily "3 Best Things To Do" feature.

5. Los Angeles Around Town (NBC Los Angeles)

Los Angeles Around Town (NBC Los Angeles)




The Around Town page of NBC Los Angeles is a great resource for everything that's going on in and around the City of Angels. Here you'll find articles on food, drink, shopping, fashion, and events. Underneath the site's header you'll see a link for "What You're Doing Tonight" it's indispensible.

6. Wired LA

Wired LA




For events off the beaten path you'll want to check out Wired LA. It's your connection for La La Land's hippest music, entertainment, nightlife and culture. Their blog will fill you in on some of the big events going on in and around the city. On the site's right hand column is an easy to navigate calendar with an extensive listing of concerts, film festivals, and events.

7. Eye Spy LA

Eye Spy LA







Eye Spy LA is a nice little site that's not only very informative but quite welcoming. Promoted as "The Local's Guide to Los Angeles and South California" Eye Spy has news, reviews, and editorials on a bunch of fun things to do in the city. This is a terrific site for folks looking for a unique yet quintessential L.A. experience.

8. LA Live

LA Live

 is the website dedicated to L.A. LiveĆ¢€"the entertainment district surrounding Staples Center and Nokia Theatre. The area contains night clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and even a bowling alley. This is also a wonderful resource if you want to see big time music acts and top sporting events that often appear at L.A. Live's two main venues.

9. Los


 is a great reference site for the city. Even though it's more suited for tourists than residents it's still a page you'll want to bookmark. The site contains extensive, evergreen information about Los Angeles' major attractions. You won't find the offbeat here but you will find a lot of information on mainstream L.A.

10. LA Okay

LA Okay



LA Okay is similar to It's not the place to go for what's happening tonight but it's an excellent resource for general entertainment and services. It's also more useful for residents than our previous entry. For families, I recommend checking out the "Kid Stuff" link; it reveals a lot of fun stuff to do and see.

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